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4.6/5 (31 ratings)

Build and compete through your clan in the most epic Clans War game!

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31 ratings
  1. Yeshi wangchuk 1 month ago

    What the hell. I wasted lots of data on downloading this new update. Why is coc not being completely downloaded. Whenever I finish downloading and open it, it reads coc version is not downloaded completely. Uninstall the previous coc apk and download again..I did this for more than 5 times now. Still it’s the same…please help me with it. I’m in the clan war..I need to attack.

  2. mark andrew acuna 1 month ago

    I lost my lvl 9 clash of clan for new update…I play it for 5 years…bye clash of clan folks…enjoy

  3. Azhar m.s.a 4 months ago

    I am so happy.and I would like to say tha it is an much better than all games in online. That’s why it’s my favorite game I can’t delete this game.thanks for all … SUP
    ERCell.. developer and other members of the team thanks for making this game

  4. Rating:

    It is a great game, but often times after an update you have loading it up and that can cause a variety of problems especially in your clan

  5. ian anthony cale 7 months ago

    is android version 4.0.1 can update coc to its latest version?

  6. ian anthony cale 7 months ago

    my mobile phone has an android version 4.0.1,i wasn’t upgrade coc to its latest version.Why is it happening

  7. ben clark 9 months ago

    This game is good. few bugs, for me, it is one of the best online games. the chat and mailing system needs some efforts from the game developer. simple but great game.

  8. the store is not working..
    as I go to the store to buy the gems, it appears that “cafe bazaar” is not installed.
    what should I do?

  9. محمد حسن 10 months ago

    بازی خوبیه فقط به بدبختی باید دانلود کرد

  10. hii suprecell i love the coc
    but my new mobile is 2.3 android is no complete version so how to i play coc
    plz help

  11. go to play store and search coc and there you will find the answer, because in recent updates many people can’t download it from play store as it doesn’t support in there devices, I think this has happened with you too….

  12. Insanity Accepted 4 years ago

    Neat… but… how do you get it to actually load & be playable? It just launches & crashes?

    • princess kaycee 4 years ago

      I have the same problem too since I download it and when the supercell logo comes on the starting bar doesn’t even load then it says please try again later.. -_-

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