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More about Castle Clash

Castle Clash is a base-building strategy game in which players build armies, attack enemies, research goods, gather resources, and become the most powerful player.

This game combines city building and tower defense with magic and fantasy. It’s a free-to-play online strategy game where players compete in online battles.

You will summon and train mighty heroes who will defend your base and win your fights. When you download and install the game you will notice similarities between Clash of Clan.

In Castle Clash, you need gems, gold coins, Mana, honor badges, and shards. At the start of the game, you receive just about enough of all these elements to get going.

Gems are limited in number but can be earned by completing achievements. Mana is harvested by setting up Mana mills, and gold can be earned by setting up mines.

Honor badges are points you earn on the battlefield or Arena. Shards are exclusive and hard-to-find items

You start with a simple base while building initial structures in Castle Clash. You set up different types of building units and hired troops to raid enemy camps.

Buildings like Town Hall, Heros Alter, Heros Base, and WareHouse.

Each building lets you perform a certain type of task such as unlocking magical spells, hiring troops, and creating mana. Buildings can be leveled up using gold currency or Mana.

Leveling up in Castle Clash becomes expensive as you level up and progress.

Troops and Heros in Castle Clash

A new dragon, Malefica, has also descended upon Narcia. Join forces and embark on a new adventure together! Learn more on Discord.

Training your troops and upgrading them to beat the opponent’s defenses is a very important part of Castle Clash. Along with the basic troops, the game also involves special heroes.

There are three types of heroes, Ordinary, Elite, and Legend. Each one will have unique skills and they never die. But in case of a loss, they take a bit of time to revive themselves after each battle.

You can level, upgrade, and train them to eventually become superheroes.

Additional Battle Characters called Slimes in Castle Clash are not heroes or troops but act as an experience boost to heroes.

Once you have pumped up your resources then it’s time for Castle Clash battle. Head over to the Army camp and start recruiting them for your battles.

Troops are of different types, each comes with its special abilities, and you choose the combination of troops you think will help you win battles.

Once you choose an opponent’s camp and start the battle it becomes important that you place your troops strategically in Castle Clash.

You have to set up your troops at strategic points outside the enemy camp and watch the battles play out. Most battles are short and usually last only for a minute or two.

Winning a battle will result in war wins where you will collect all the gold, Mana, honor points, and shards that the battle offers.

If you lose, you still collect whatever resources you have plundered. Plus, troops who have survived the battle will be returned to your army camp.

So take charge and start battling now by taking hold of your army. Download this game now by clicking on the download button above.

Once the APK file downloads just install it and you will be good to go. Which is your favorite hero in this game? Let us know in the comments section below.

Category: Games/Strategy
Operating System: Android
Price: Free

Technical file information

  • Package name:
  • Version:
    3.1.71 (31007100)
  • File size:
    275.3 MB
  • Updated:
    March 6, 2024
  • Minimum Android version:
    Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API 16)
  • Screen DPI:
  • Architecture:
  • MD5:
  • SHA1:

Older Versions of Castle Clash:

What's new in this version of Castle Clash?
  1. World Vine Event
  2. New Hero: Jewellee
  3. New Insignia: Earth Nourish and Heart Shield
  4. New Talent: Binding Vines
  5. New Hero Skin: Cold Heir’s Bat Devil and Jewellee’s Alchemy Hellion
  6. New Hero Portrait: Jewellee and Bat Devil.
  7. Equipment update, new Souls system.
  8. New Accessory: Spiky Necklace, Spiky Ring, Silverwing Necklace, Silverwing Ring
  9. Search function added to Warehouse feature to aid in finding items.


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