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Game Turbo APK

Game Turbo

Game Turbo is an app. That comes built-in on Xiaomi devices to enhance their gaming experience and mobile performance whilst playing. This means that you get the smoothest gameplay experience and best graphics your device can provide. To download and… Read review of Game Turbo.
Device Care APK

Device Care

Device Care is the app for optimizing performance on Samsung Galaxy. That allows you to quickly check the condition of your device. With the Device Care app, anyone can easily keep their smartphone in good condition. The intuitive screen layout… Read review of Device Care.
Cleaner APK


Cleaner is an android app. It provides an easy to use way to free up the space of your Android device. It is an essential tool. Clean potentially unwanted files and privacy records. Features of Cleaner: Cleaner provides an easy-to-use… Read review of Cleaner.
Super Clean APK

Super Clean

Super Clean is an all in one android app that will optimize your android phone to the brim. It offers an assortment of tools that will enable you to clean, secure, cool down your phone while protecting it from being… Read review of Super Clean.
APUS Turbo Cleaner APK

APUS Turbo Cleaner

APUS Turbo Cleaner is a multitasking app that offers junk clearing and virus scanning solutions as its primary function. With this app, you can easily clean your phone's clogged memory that enables you to boost the phone's speed. And that's… Read review of APUS Turbo Cleaner.
Internet Booster APK

Internet Booster

Tired of slow internet speeds? Try the Internet Booster app to speed things up even on slow or patchy internet connections. This app uses advanced system settings to boost your internet connection on a rooted Android device. And yes you… Read review of Internet Booster.
BlockLauncher APK


BlockLauncher is a very useful tool for android. In which you can customize your Minecraft Pocket Edition games with new textures, patches, and mods. Players can manage all the content in their game quickly and easily. To download the Join… Read review of BlockLauncher.
Antutu Benchmark APK

AnTuTu Benchmark

AnTuTu Benchmark is a tool for android devices. That lets you check the performance of your device. Like a battery, RAM, CPU, graphics, and much more. To download the Join AnTuTu Benchmark Just click on the download above button. Download… Read review of AnTuTu Benchmark.
All-In-One Toolbox APK

All-In-One Toolbox

All-In-One Toolbox is a set of basic useful tools which help your Android device work at its best. It offers about 29 different tools that you can use to keep your Android working in good condition. All-In-One Toolbox gives a… Read review of All-In-One Toolbox.
Avast Cleanup APK

Avast Cleanup

Avast brings you its highly effective junk & cache cleaner app Avast Cleanup for Android. Avast Clean-up cleans up all disposable files, caches, and thumbnails to save storage space. It significantly frees up storage space on your phone and boosts… Read review of Avast Cleanup.
CCleaner – Phone Cleaner APK


CCleaner is one of the fastest Android cleaner apps. It keeps your Android clean, safe and fast. The app removes junk, reclaims space, and monitors your system. Also, it improves the device's security with its inbuilt antivirus. CCleaner includes a… Read review of CCleaner.
The Cleaner - Boost & Clean APK

The Cleaner

Looking for a free Android optimizer and speed booster app? Check out the Cleaner app to clean all the junk that is slowing down your phone and making your life slow and inefficient. This phone cleaner app allows you to… Read review of The Cleaner.
DU Speed Booster APK

DU Speed Booster

DU Speed Booster is an Android optimizer & cleaner master with a FREE built-in antivirus security feature. It's very easy to use the app, of excellent quality, and it's completely free. It can boost the speed of your phone by… Read review of DU Speed Booster.
Power Clean APK

Power Clean

Power Cleaner is one of the fastest Android cleaner apps. The app can efficiently clean phone memory and free up storage space with a single tap. It is fast, light and smart booster apps available on Google Play. Main features:… Read review of Power Clean.
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