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Careem APK


The Careem app lets you hire cars and cabs in Asia and the Middle east. This car booking service gives you the ability to pin your location and get a pickup and drop-off service from your doorsteps. The taxi service… Read review of Careem.

MAPS.ME app offers a worldwide navigation service with its offline maps. You get driving directions and travel guides to new areas and locations that you might be exploring. This maps and navigation app also shows popular locations with properly integrated… Read review of MAPS.ME.
Yelp apk


Yelp is amongst the very top used apps in America. The app has hundreds of thousands of user that share reviews of their favorite establishments. From local ice cream stores to where one gets their shoes fixed everything is available… Read review of Yelp.
Fly GPS-Location apk


The Fly GPS-Location lets you trick your phone’s GPS by allowing you to pin your location where you want. Without having to actually be there. Using this app you can fake your current location by tricking your phone with GPS.… Read review of Fly GPS.
Google Street View APK

Street View

Google Street View lets you virtually explore the world around you. This app lets you see all the city streets from around the globe with high-resolution images that are stitched together. Google collects these images by car with the help… Read review of Street View.
Uber APK


Uber is one of the most renowned ride-sharing apps in these modern days. Despite it being day or night you can order a fast and reliable ride within minutes from an easily usable app. It relieves you from waiting for… Read review of Uber.
Maps APK


The Google Maps app for Android phones and tablets makes navigating your world faster and easier. Find the best spots in town and the information you need to get there. Google Maps is the most popular navigation apps around the… Read review of Maps.