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Shazam Lite apk

Shazam Lite

Shazam Lite is an easier way to recognize the music playing around you. You can discover new music in a light way using this music recognition and music discovery app on your phone. Shazam Lite is designed for 2G networks… Read review of Shazam Lite.
Winamp APK


Winamp Music player was one of the most used entertainment software on Windows PC. And now with its android version users can easily organize and listen to music with sharp and clear audio quality on thier mobile phones. The app… Read review of Winamp.
Google play Music APK

Google Play Music

The Google Play Music apps come preinstalled as the default Music player on android devices. This app helps you run your onboard MP3 media and songs. You can have access to millions of songs in Google's library. Or just stick… Read review of Google Play Music.
Musixmatch APK

Musixmatch Lyrics

Ever wondered about the lyrics of your favorite song? Worry no more because with the Musixmatch Lyrics app you can get lyrics for almost all the songs on the internet. Musixmatch app is the world’s largest collection of song lyrics.… Read review of Musixmatch Lyrics.
Deezer Music Player APK


Deezer is an application that allows you to listen to more than 56 million songs, completely free, and through your cell phone. Deezer is your music companion. This music player for Android will always give you the songs you love,… Read review of Deezer.
Shazam apk


Shazam is a music identification service in the form of an app with one-touch recognition. Open the app click the button and let your phone listen to the song or music that you want to identify. This app will enable… Read review of Shazam.
Spotify Music APK

Spotify Music

With Spotify, you can access millions of songs on your android mobile device. You can listen to many songs all over the world easily. Moreover, you can download a licensed song with a single touch. Spotify is an online music… Read review of Spotify Music.
Perfect Piano APK

Perfect Piano

With this Perfect Piano app, you can experience a virtual piano and play music in the style you want using your mobile device's display and have fun. This dedicated piano playing application has tons of features, such as the ability… Read review of Perfect Piano.