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Music Paradise Pro APK

Music Paradise Pro

Music Paradise Pro is an application to download and listens to free music. Using the browser integrated into the application is an easy way to quickly find any topic you're looking for. Create a Playlist of your Favourite songs on… Read review of Music Paradise Pro.
Simple MP3 Downloader APK

Simple mp3

Simple mp3 allows one to easily download Mp3 files. In fact, the only feature of this app is that it can download music files. One needs to type the name of either the song or the artist in the search… Read review of Simple mp3.
Smule APK

Sing! by Smule

Sing! by Smule lets you sing along to your favorite songs in a recording studio, packed into a mobile app. Just pick a song to sing and Smule provides you with lyrics and a tracker to keep you singing in… Read review of Sing! by Smule.
fildo apk


Fildo is an audio streaming application that lets its users stream free audio content from around the world. In simple words it is an mp3/flac downloader and streaming application that lets you stream top-quality mp3/flac from around the world. The… Read review of Fildo.
AutoRap by Smule APK

AutoRap by Smule

AutoRap is an application. That will allow you to make everything you say into authentic rap. In which your words will sound like you are rapping what you are saying. It is the only rap app. That can instantly transform… Read review of AutoRap by Smule.
ares online apk

Ares Online

Ares Online is a music download app. That allows you to download any of your favorite songs or albums directly to your android device. To download the Join Ares Online Just click on the download above button. Download the app's… Read review of Ares Online.
Anghami APK


Anghami is an interesting app on Arabic music. You'll have access to all sorts of Arabic hits, regardless of genre. Get recommendations that fit your style and keep all your songs in one place. The app divides its services into… Read review of Anghami.
Amazon Music APK

Amazon Music

Amazon Music is a premium music streaming service that offers music with the best available sound quality. With a Music library of around 50 million songs, you can listen to your heart's desire and Search for songs by mood, lyric,… Read review of Amazon Music.
4shared Music APK

4shared Music

4shared Music is a must-have music application for everyone, who wants to enjoy free music. It's convenient in usage, stylish in its interface, and multifunctional. You can search for songs in the apps Public directory and upload your favorite ones.… Read review of 4shared Music.
TinyTunes APK


TinyTunes is an app. That lets you stream hundreds of thousands of songs hosted on seven different servers, right from your Android device. Allows users to download their favorite music. TinyTunes works in a simple. The app also provides a… Read review of TinyTunes.
foobar 2000 apk


foobar2000 is a music player for Android. It is an advanced audio player for mobile devices. That lets you listen to any song in any of the following formats MP3, MP4, AAC, Opus, Vorbis,  FLAC, AIFF, WavPack, WAV, and Musepack.… Read review of foobar2000.
Shazam Lite apk

Shazam Lite

Shazam Lite is an easier way to recognize the music playing around you. You can discover new music in a light way using this music recognition and music discovery app on your phone. Shazam Lite is designed for 2G networks… Read review of Shazam Lite.
Winamp APK


Winamp Music player was one of the most used entertainment software on Windows PC. And now with its android version users can easily organize and listen to music with sharp and clear audio quality on thier mobile phones. The app… Read review of Winamp.
Google play Music APK

Google Play Music

The Google Play Music apps come preinstalled as the default Music player on android devices. This app helps you run your onboard MP3 media and songs. You can have access to millions of songs in Google's library. Or just stick… Read review of Google Play Music.
Poweramp Music Player APK

Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp is one of the best music players for Android Smartphones. It offers a lot of features, skins/themes, and support for multiple audio formats. This music player app can play music stored in any folder or directory on your Android… Read review of Poweramp Music Player.