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Pixel Launcher

The Pixel Launcher gives you a first-hand experience of the Pixel phone from Google. The biggest feature of this launcher is the app drawer. Google has removed the app drawer. Instead, the user needs to swipe up from the home… Read review of Pixel Launcher.
Z Launcher APK

Z Launcher Beta

The Z Launcher Beta from Nokia is a purpose-built android launcher with only one aim of speeding up your phone. It removes all the hassles and declutters all the junk thus improving your phone's browsing and scroll speed. Compared to… Read review of Z Launcher Beta.
Nova Launcher APK

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is one of the top-rated launchers for modern Android which embraces the full Material Design layout. Also, it offers high customization, a performance drive, and all that with a great home screen experience. Nova Launcher helps Android user… Read review of Nova Launcher.
Hola Launcher apk

Hola Launcher

Hola Launcher is a lightweight and quick android launcher. It offers neatly packed folders with some quick access widgets that offer high-speed mobile navigation. It comes with Voice search and has an intelligent menu that can be accessed just by… Read review of Hola Launcher.
APUS Launcher APK

APUS Launcher

APUS Launcher is a visually colorful application. That offers customization options for applications based on mobile themes. APUS Launcher has many different features. Which are an icon menu and theme-changing application made for android. APUS Launcher is a stylish, smart,… Read review of APUS Launcher.
GO Launcher APK

GO Launcher

Custom launchers allow an Android Phone user to change user interface elements such as the dock, home screen transitions, app icons, the App Drawer, highlight colors, etc. GO Launcher is one such app that will allow you to change the… Read review of GO Launcher.
ZERO Launcher - Caller ID, Theme, Efficient apk

Zero Launcher

Zero Launcher is a small-sized android launcher that performs well even on older phones. At 1.83MB Zero Launcher does not take up a lot of room. The launcher comes with 3D transition animations, icon themes, launcher themes and a RAM… Read review of Zero Launcher.