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Flash Emoji Keyboard APK

Tap Emoji Keyboard

If you use a lot emojis in your chats then Flash Emoji Keyboard app should be your default typing buddy. This app will give you an abundant supply of custom and hilarious emojis that will liven up your group chats.… Read review of Tap Emoji Keyboard.
Ridmik Keyboard APK

Ridmik Keyboard

Ridmik Keyboard is a keyboard app. That provides a phonetic Bengali keyboard in the Prabhat layout. It is a full-featured keyboard for writing. Features Of Ridmik Keyboard: Ridmik Keyboard also includes hundreds of emoji and text prediction. If you want,… Read review of Ridmik Keyboard.
Samsung keyboard apk

Samsung Keyboard

The Samsung Keyboard app lets the user to have multiple input methods. It also has other convenient features to make typing easier. Samsung Keyboard offers over 80 different languages. The Predictive Text feature lets user learn as to how to… Read review of Samsung Keyboard.
Xperia Keyboard APK

Xperia Keyboard

Xperia™ Keyboard is available to download for your Non-Sony android phone. The Xperia Keyboard offers simple smart and quick typing functionalities. It comes with easy customization options and a fun theme pack. With the ability to resize keyboard that suits… Read review of Xperia Keyboard.
Swiftkey Keyboard APK

SwiftKey Keyboard

Swiftkey Keyboard must be one of the most popular apps from Microsoft after its One Drive. This android keyboard supports multiple languages with a quick predictive dictionary. It is a swipe style keyboard that is always learning and adapting to… Read review of SwiftKey Keyboard.