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Soroush Plus messenger APK

Soroush Plus messenger

Soroush Plus is an instant messaging application that allows you to send and receive messages, video calls, and voice calls with your friends and family. Soroush Plus came out as an upgraded version of the Soroush messengers, with features such… Read review of Soroush Plus messenger.
Chat Alternative APK

Chat Alternative

Meet new people, talk about sports, and find true love – ChatAlternative is a worldwide community waiting to chat with you. You don’t have to go very far to meet random strangers and socialize. From the comfort of your own… Read review of Chat Alternative.
Secure messenger APK

Secure messenger SafeUM

Secure Messenger SafeUM provides the next level of personal data protection. If you are worried that anyone can access your personal information then this app might provide the answer. Enjoy encrypted group chats, and get registration without a SIM card, using… Read review of Secure messenger SafeUM.
Google Chat APK

Google Chat

The Google Chat app is the perfect office integration tool that works perfectly between teams using an intelligent and secure communication and collaboration tool. This app enables easy Google Workspace content creation and comes with the ability to share Docs,… Read review of Google Chat.
Zello Walkie Talkie APK

Zello Walkie Talkie

Zello Walkie Talkie is a push-to-talk instant messaging app that works like a walkie-talkie but with additional features such as high-quality audio and full support for your Bluetooth headset. This PTT app allows you to chat over public or private… Read review of Zello Walkie Talkie.
Skype Preview APK

Skype Preview

Skype Preview is an adaptive version of the original skype app that has been modified for a full video and chatting experience on a smaller mobile screen. It puts all the features of IMs front and center. Using this app… Read review of Skype Preview.
Verizon Messages APK

Verizon Messages

Verizon Messages is the perfect IM app if you use the Verizon carrier as your default service provider. This app enables you to create and share gifs, along with your own personal avatar, and custom backgrounds. Messages app has the… Read review of Verizon Messages.
Samsung Messages APK

Samsung Messages

Samsung Messages app comes pre-installed on all Samsung phones with a basic function of sending and receiving SMS or text messages. You also have the ability to send images, videos, audio files, voice recordings, emojis, stickers, and GIFs. The texting… Read review of Samsung Messages.
ShareChat APK


ShareChat is an app that allows you to meet and chat with people. At the same time, discovering and sharing memes, videos, jokes, and all kinds of viral content. This app was created for people in India. This is a… Read review of ShareChat.
Gaga APK


Gaga is an android tool designed to help you meet new people by chatting online. It is easy to communicate, share happiness, enjoy moments, and meet new friends from all around the world. You can participate in video calls with… Read review of Gaga.


The MeWe app lets you chat, communicate, and have fun. It is a social network for everyone who wants to have fun, communicate authentically, and share like-minded ideas under the umbrella of trust, control, and safety. The topics these groups… Read review of MeWe.
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