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Yandex Start APK

Yandex Start

The Yandex Start app is a mobile assistant-style app that lets you make any website your home page. And gives you the ability to search, weather, and traffic right on your home page, and offers quick translations of webpages, images,… Read review of Yandex Start.
Tor Browser APK

Tor Browser

Looking to browse the internet with D.A.R.P.A level of security? Check out the Tor Browser app. Tor, which stands for "The Onion Router" is a protocol-style app that lets you hide your Web browsing through layered protection kind of like… Read review of Tor Browser.
Web Browser APK

Web Browser

Web Browser is a light-weight internet browser app for your phone. It offers free high-speed internet browsing with advanced Gesture features. This browser for android comes with a built-in night mode and an incognito mode which is a must in… Read review of Web Browser.
DU Browser APK

DU Browser

DU Browser offers you lightweight and quick internet browsing service when compared to other android browsers. This browser comes equipped with a built-in adblocker and brightness adjustment feature which comes in handy for late-night internet surfing. Its utilities include a… Read review of DU Browser.
Mi Browser APK

Mi Browser

Mi Browser is light weight and a super fase browser Xiaomi and other android devices.  The app offers web browsing with tabs, links on the home screen, incognito mode, etc. The app offers you a quick search bar, editable website shortcuts,… Read review of Mi Browser.
UC Browser Turbo APK

UC Browser Turbo

UC Browser Turbo is a fast internet browser that uses less data. It offers several good tools that ensure that all your internet surfing is fast, secure, and efficient regarding mobile data. It comes with a built-in data saver and… Read review of UC Browser Turbo.
Firefox Lite APK

Firefox Lite

At less than 7MB in size, the Firefox lite browser gives you super-fast web browsing on a really light app. The Firefox Lite comes with a feature called “Screenshot the Whole Page” to capture screenshots of the whole scrollable page.… Read review of Firefox Lite.
Samsung Internet Lite APK

Samsung Internet Lite

Samsung internet Lite is a fast, reliable, and simple web browser for your smartphone. It allows for secure web browsing which is made easier with secret mode, biometric login, and contents blocker. Samsung Internet lite for Android lets you block… Read review of Samsung Internet Lite.
Opera Classic APK

Opera Classic

Opera Classic the age-old trusted browser for mobile phones is now known as the Opera Browser with Free VPN. In its 2020 update Opera classic mobile browser emphasis is on speed and organization. It comes with a built-in ad blocker… Read review of Opera Classic.
Puffin Web Browser APK

Puffin Web Browser

Puffin Web Browser is one of a kind and swift mobile browser. It is one of the fastest mobile browsers available for Android. It uses cloud-based processing to load web pages quickly, even resource-demanding. It's faster than Chrome in four… Read review of Puffin Web Browser.
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