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4.4/5 (56 ratings)

a complete app that lets you chat easily with your friends using WiFi or data plan.

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56 ratings
  1. morrison linda 3 months ago

    yeah !whatsapp is very easy way
    to communicate with friends and families.

  2. Ishmael Maemo.. 4 months ago

    Whatsup is very good and the best way to communicate with friends. No matter how distant they are. Thank u.

  3. Krishna D 5 months ago

    Yeah.. I love whatsapp… ♥♡♥
    Whatsapp is very easy way to communicate Wid ma other country friends…. Thank you……

  4. my comment on what’s app is very good service and very good communication between me and my friend s.

  5. m personally against the “status privacy” option…i strongly condemn such more especially that is encourages cheating

  6. Rating:

    sometimes after download it shows there is a problems parsing the package

  7. Mustafa kamal pasha 7 months ago

    Whatsapp was down for some time but working fine now.

  8. Rating:

    Whatsapp is an excellent app. Cant imagine living without it. I think the privacy feature “last seen” setting is fair. Because if I dont want my last seen time to be visible, I do not have a right to see others’ last seen. But some people complain about it.

  9. Rating:

    I dont know why cruel russia blocked telegram but those users are probably going to use whats app because it is the best messaging app.

  10. Ocen james 9 months ago

    Pliz help mi calxy s2has fail to support whatsapp fb,above that it has fail to install play store app such dat I down load and install and its telling mi dat my version doesnt support

  11. Rating:

    The video call quality could be better but still it is a great app for calls and chat. Even better than our local call quality.

  12. Rating:

    this app is very responsive because it loads and saves data locally unlike the messenger. I love It

  13. Rating:

    My Blacknerry Z3 can’t send pict, vidio, voice. Please help us user BlackBerry Z3

    • Please get an app called whats fixer from bbworld n make sure u have an sd card n fix your what’s app it will work if not contact me on pin:2B8E32A1

  14. Rating:

    This app proved itself to be the best instant messaging app in the world.

  15. Very good but let it go beyond text only status update.. I cant use saved pictures as status update

  16. My BlackBerry z30 is not sending pictures, I need the version that works with it pls.

  17. Ogre331 1 year ago

    Whatsapp is no doubt best. Better than messenger, hangouts, line etc.

  18. justice 1 year ago

    Your Comment saves data easy understandable easy connecting

    • suvendu kumar 10 months ago

      Yes it a very nice and very useful apk for all users .
      Remember -Dont misuse it

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