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49 ratings
  1. Vikas Kumar 3 months ago

    Yeah game bahut acchi hai mujhe bahut game achi lagi hai Kash Koi Aisi website hoti jisse ki Tekken Tag apk file Mein Hota kya koi aisa hai jo kar sakta Main Chahata Hun Ki Kardi

  2. Alexander Morne 4 months ago

    Tekken 3 – in opinion of most of gamers this is the best fighting of all time. Tekken 3 was released for Sony PlayStation One console in 1998. Unlike other even newer Tekken games this one offers the biggest number of game modes. But the most interesting is an Arcade mode. As soon as you defeat 12 fighters in it, you will be offered a new character to fight with. After you unlock most of new fighters in this Android game you will be able to play a Volleyball mode. It is especially funny to play as a little dragon having the funniest hit in it.

    Game features:

    Several game modes
    Many characters
    Dynamic battles
    Handy system of controls

  3. Hey cant download the APK or the game.. can any one help.. please massage me on Nishant teco sonawane on Facebook please

    • Ronik wungleng 5 months ago

      I can’t play it stop automatically can anyone help me how to do it … I really want to play this game …

  4. BAIKUNTH NARAIN Sharma 8 months ago

    Cool but whenever we get a call we have to start the game again and change attack skills every time

    • Rating:

      No, this game is reasonable. Although it is not developed by the Bandai Company but it does not contain any virus.

  5. Wonderfullfly 1 year ago

    Nice but it is exitng its own more than 3 minutes

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