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49 ratings
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    Sir kindly root is not working in honor 9 lite lld Al 10 help. Me to get root success

  2. In my phone model halona Android 5.1 cannot work
    please help me to root my Android

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    King Root only works from 4.2.2 and 5.12 Android Software at the present. Android 6.0 and 7.1.1 and Oreo 8.0 does not work as of yet until it has been tested through KingRoot. Please do not use KingRoot for the Newer Android Base models until it shows that it is proven success.

  4. Funbaz mojar TV 3 months ago

    My Android phone version 6.0 But my phone is not rooted. What’s the reason

  5. Sukadi S. 5 months ago

    Tdk bs me root hp jenis OS Android M…apalagi atasnya…
    mhn bantu cara Root OS.M tanpa PC

  6. Lalramthanga 6 months ago

    Hello sir pleas let me root my Android fix for me without no issue
    Model numberCAM_ULOO
    Android version 6.0
    Android ram 3bg
    Android internal 32gb
    Pleas fix for me right now
    Thank you
    King root helper

  7. Lalramthanga 7 months ago

    Pleas help me this king root, I can not root my Android and my version is 6.0.1 and model number is CAM_ULOOC675B180 pleas help me fast in 2m ok sir

  8. aynar yusuf 11 months ago

    this versions is more better than all versions i liked this so good apk

  9. আতোয়ার 11 months ago

    আমার এন্ড্রইড 7 এ রুট হতে গিয়ে 98% এ আটকে থাকে কি করলে সম্পূর্ণ হবে

  10. Madhurendra Kumar 11 months ago

    I hardly uninstalled king root buy yet in play store notify me to King root harm and damage your device, please tell me to complete uninstalle process.

    • How did u find king root in play store? Its never available in plastore anymore…. Check ur settings…

  11. saifulrony 1 year ago

    Blackberry 10 android device support/
    Google licence

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